Are piercings and tattoos still frowned upon?

3 years ago

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 The self expression of tattoos and piercings being problematic in the work environment has been a conversation that needs revisiting repeatedly. 

This may be because of the rules and regulations that governing bodies have about appearance and the company’s image-  it might also be because certain individualism is bad for company representation. 

Media Professional Fae Ellington explains that 

“It depends on the work space. In a creative space there is often more flexibility and persons have far more latitude to showcase their individuality… Sectors such banking and finance and government ministries and departments may have strict rules about these, such as, all tattoos  should not be exposed. Some may allow a small tattoo on the wrist or ankle. However these sectors wouldn’t want a body fully covered in body art displayed.” 

Professionals however explain that most HR groups differ based on personal preference. 

A medical practitioner  in the kingston region, explains that sometimes  it depends on who sees you with certain piercings or tattoos exposed. She shares that many of their rules however, are based on patient management.

“Not more than 1 piercing in the ear because patients might be uncomfortable”.

Average workers have expressed no discrimination.

“I’ve never experienced discrimination per se. Some jobs have dress codes that only allow one earring per ear, call centers don’t like tongue piercings, and then there’s the other stereotype with that”

said one individual.

However, some persons still experience prejudices and limitations based on their appearance. Christian ‘Morph’ Harrison has been denied jobs and opportunities because of his appearance- his piercings, tattoos and hair. He does go on to say that because of the mostly working from home initiative he as seen some progress in the job world. He expresses wanting to cut his hair for an opportunity because he was overlooked based on his dreads.


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