A fashionable chat with Tia The Clothes Girl

3 years ago

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Some of Jamaica’s most fashionable tag her as they parade in exquisite pieces for the ‘Gram’. They swear by her style and the quality of her pieces. Tia Clothes girl has made a thriving business from her passion for fashion.

It’s innate

Krtistia, smiled as she responded to the question where does the passion come from. This is something she has been asked before so the answer came easy “my mom and my two aunts”, she said with a big grin.

Confident, she was one of the most fashionable babies not so long ago, she praises the women in her life for continuous inspiration.

“My fashion is my expression, I grew up very shy but with a big personality once you got to know me so I expressed my personality through my dressing, it was my outlet and it still is” she shared.

Where it all began

The entrepreneur says she started while in school. Her mother sold silver jewellery and she wanted in so she jumped in with her savings and started with costume jewellery. For her, there was nothing more fulfilling than seeing her clients- her teachers in her pieces.

A lesson

In fashion, there are two types really: the persons who follow trends, follow the fashion at the time and nail the outfits and end up being ‘fashionistas’ or ‘hot girls and then there are the persons who just walk their path, their outfits may not be favoured by the masses, may not be ‘understood’ but those are the persons who dress to express rather than to impress. 

My tip is to know which person you are. If you are trendy, that’s the easier one, the internet is filled with inspiration and photos of outfits to wear. But if you are the other individual, the tip is to stay true to your authentic self and your expression regardless of it looking ‘cool’. 

The Clothes Girl says every girl must have: 

  • A blazer
  • Fitted jeans 
  • Boyfriend jeans 
  • Gold earrings and a delicate gold chain 
  • A button-up shirt