8 Iconic dance moves that Inspired Songs

2 months ago

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Dance moves similar to music has been an equally significant part of Jamaican culture and in many cases the inspiration for some of the hit records. Given the influence dance has had on music and culture we look at some iconic moves that have inspired hit songs.

Gully Creeper

This dance was created by late dancer David Smith popularity known as “Ice” of the legendary Black Roses Crew and is arguably among the most visually unique and physically demanding singular moves in Dancehall. it was further popularized by Elephant Man.

Nuh linga and Sweep

Elephant Man again struck “gold” following the release of songs based on both “Nuh Linga” and Sweepby the Raver Clavers. The dances, which share almost identical movements in their steps of a swaying or sweeping motion of the feet alternatingly were exciting yet simple enough grooves that allowed everyone to follow.

Pon De River

Easily one of the most globally recognisable dances synonymous with Dancehall, “Pon De River not only became a local favourite following its creation by John Hype but also inspired the “cross over” hit by Elephant Man as the move continued its international popularity.

Willie Bounce

Created over 20 years ago, “Willie Bounce” remains a signature dance reference to the culture on the international level as a testament to its uniqueness and utility across genres.

Bogle Dance

Another signature salute to dance culture is the “Bogle Dance“. Named after its creator, this move incorporates a subtle shoulder rock while swinging the arms upwards in a circular pattern made for an eye-catching groove and has become a staple for throwback-themed dance choreographies.

The dance was further popularized as the base for Buju Banton’s 1991 song-“Bogle Dance

One Drop

In terms of catchiness and utility, One Drop ranks high among standout dances geared toward female dancers, with moves a variations of stomps mixed with respective freestyle routines which yielded creative combinations of base step or drop. Dancehall star “QQ” reiterated this in the corresponding track of his 2018 hit “One Drop.

Wacky Dip

A homage to the “Godfather” of dancing Bogle who also went by the moniker “Mr . Wacky,” the dance was often paired with another of his signature dance moves “Willie Bounce,” which was emphasized by Vociemail’s hit “Wacky Dip.

Dancehall star Masicka also paid homage to the dance and its creator in his recent 2023 “Tyrant”.