76 road fatalities recorded so far this year

3 years ago

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Some 76 persons have been killed in road crashes since the start of the year. Although a high figure, it represents a significant decrease when compared with the corresponding period last year.

A staggering 98 persons died on the roads between January 1 and March 8 last year. The entire 2020 saw 432 persons being killed in road accidents.

Road fatalities are projected to drop by three per cent this year, but even so, the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport is appealing to persons to play their part in keeping the numbers low.

Kenute Hare, director of the Road Safety Unit, said that road users need to be extra cautious in the traffic environment.

“We cannot afford to lose anyone else, slow down and save lives,”

he said.

Of the 76 people killed as of March 8, the Road Safety Unit said 68 are males, and eight are females.

Among the dead are 28 motorcyclists, 17 pedestrians, seven pedal cyclist, seven passengers of private motor vehicles, one passenger of commercial motor vehicles, one passenger of public passenger motor vehicles, one pillion passenger, one driver of commercial motor vehicles, and 13 drivers of private motor vehicles.

Hare said that road users, particularly motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians should exercise greater care on the roads.

“We are appealing to drivers to cut their speed and look out for vulnerable road users, never overtake on a bend or at a junction or unnecessarily; never drive in a manner that will prove offensive to other road users. In addition, always use their seatbelts, ensure passengers in the vehicle utilize them as well as, and children are securely fastened in protective devices.”